Effective Relief for Chronic Pain that Doesn't Involve Surgery, Habit-Forming Medication or Electrical Implants

Our Proloneuralozone Osteopathic Medical Treatment™ (POMT) regimen has provided our patients both fast and effective pain relief without the use of steroids, surgery, implants or habit-forming medications. POMT™ involves natural, customized injections to the surrounding areas of the main sources of pain.

The first part of the treatment involves the POMT™ pain relief formula that is customized for each patient. The second part is a simple medical procedure that gently and directly stimulates the body to heal the underlying causes of chronic pain. The treatment helps the body to naturally recruit stem cells and to reestablish a normal neurochemistry at the site of the pain. The treatment essentially breaks down old scar tissues and old inflammatory neurometabolites and then signals for the body to reverse the degenerative process, finally bringing relief to the patient.

The Next Generation in Pain Relief Has Arrived

The treatment helps patients avoid steroids and other harmful pain medications. Most patients will achieve long-lasting relief and regain their active lifestyle throughout the treatment process. By utilizing this treatment, the patient cannot become dependent on medication and will often result in long-lasting, if not permanent, relief to their pain.

Oxygen for Healing and Reconstruction

A specialized form of oxygen delivery is used to help remove lactic acid and other inflammatory messengers from around the muscle, fascia, tendon and ligaments in order to rapidly heal the affected ligaments, bones, joint and surrounding muscle tissue. The majority of patients will feel immediate improvement after just a single treatment.

Osteopathic Medical Technique for Targeting Pain

In addition, this specialized technique uses Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine to help precisely locate and identify the specific structures, injured regions where pain is present, old scar tissue, inflammation, as well as weakened areas and overused regions. Osteopathic manipulation can then be used in conjunction with what we refer to as "real, in motion pain release."

It is critically important to recreate pain while the patient is in a particular movement, motion or position before the injections take place. Once the painful movement is in use, the injections are carefully administered quickly and painlessly. Most patients will be able to return to work, as well as be able to return to their active lifestyle immediately without any recovery time.

Neurochemistry Treatment Formulas

Various nutrients, amino acids and minerals are used at therapeutic doses to immediately stop muscle spasms, muscle aches and pain. These formulas are customized for each patient and used with POMT™ pain relief to help our patient regain their active health. Pain is caused by neurochemistry disruptions at the affected site of the body, and we work to reverse it by reestablishing healthy signaling to those regions.

This is a very different approach compared to surgical attempts to remove, block or interrupt nerves with the use of wire implants. These other methods essentially fail to properly address the cause of pain and merely mask the underlying problem. To learn more about this alternative treatment, contact us today!

POMT™ Pain Relief Benefits:

  • Gentle, safe, and highly targeted.
  • Long-lasting benefits.
  • Excellent alternative to surgery.
  • Doesn't involve any steroids, implants or habit-forming medications.